Joyful Artysilk Style
LEA in Hawaiian means joy.  It’s what we do…We create joyful, fashionable, hand painted scarves.  We make art that you can wear.

About Us


Leartista is located in sunny Southern California. Our designs are inspired by the sun, the sea, nature and our love of art.

LEA in Hawaiian means JOY. The style of LEA is artful joy infused with a zest for fashion.

Our artist, LEA is buoyant, bold and a maker of colorful designs. A quintessential Californian who can run up a mountain or stand on one leg like a Yogi Tree. The flexibility of body, mind and soul is drawn upon to create artysilk scarves.

Leartista silk scarves are designed for movement… flowing in the wind…they’re a vision of art.