"Flowing in the wind...a vision of art."

Welcome to Artysilk, a Le Artista brand. Here you'll find the Artysilk home for textile artist, Julie Leah. She creates joyful, fashionable, hand painted scarves.

People often ask what is "the process" or as the French say, "a Je ne sais quoi" as if they can define a certain elusive essence of what makes an artist and what makes art itself.

Artists are born with a gift of the imagination, inspiration and an often insatiable thrist to create.  For all these reasons...I create art that you can wear...and it's a JOY every step of the way.

My process is a mix of artistic inspiration. Creative intuition. Fashion sense.  Color and paint artistry. Seasonal color and know how.


Artysilk hand painted scarves are sold direct to boutiques,  art galleries and specialty craft shows. Find a location near you or custom order here.