Colors in our silk studio flow like nature itself. Here, you'll find stylishly chic, hand painted silk scarves flowing in the wind.

Our silk scarves are created as a fun way to bring wearable art and bursts of color into the world. They are inspired by Boho Fashion, Abstract Expressionism and nature's colorful tapestry.

Each artful scarf is created from a feeling, a thought, or a desire to play with a particular color or color palette.

No formula, pattern, or color recipe is used to create our hand painted silk scarves. These are one-of-a-kind wearable works of art A hand painted scarf takes an average of one to three days to create depending on the desired effect, the degree of artful playing and color layering.


Leartista is located in sunny Southern California. Our designs are inspired by the sun, the sea, nature and our love of art.

LEA in Hawaiian means JOY. The style of LEA is artful joy infused with a zest for fashion.

Our artist, Julie Lea is buoyant, bold and a maker of colorful designs. To learn more about her artistic journey visit, JulieLeahart.com.  She is a quintessential Californian who can run up a mountain or stand on one leg like a Yogi Tree. The flexibility of body, mind and soul is drawn upon to create artysilk scarves.

Leartista silk scarves are designed for movement… flowing in the wind…they’re a vision of art.