Gallery Collection

Line Sheet

Handpainted scarves are available in three primary sizes 14 x 72. Infiniti 22 x 76 or 22 x 72. Other sizes are available upon request.
Leartista's line of hand painted scarves is growing.

A NEW Line sheet is in the works. Email if you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program.

We can do custom commissioned work. Let us know what you have in mind. (Just allow a little more lead time for custom orders for our hand painted scarves.)

This is a sampling of the range of Leartista's hand painted silks.

  • Water Color Scarves- Our most colorful silk paintings in vibrant colors, inspired by abstract expressionism and impressionistic art.
  • Batik Black, White and Grey
  • Shibori- Indigo Blue and White
  • Gallery Collection: Faces On Silk Series, Abstract Expressionist Art
  • Tri-Color Collection: Black and White, Plus One Color
  • Four Color Collection: Warm and Cool Tones